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Hailing from Texas, James (aka DJ Smooth One) started his journey into the deejay arena at the age of 13. One Sound Design turntable, a pitch controlled Sound Design dual cassette deck, and a two channel Numark mixer. Later to move on to two Technics 1200 turntables and a Denon DJ mixer. At a young age he realized his desire to spin music for the masses. It first started when he and his friends would breakdance and listen to music via cassettes. He and his friends would come together to battle each other with moves and develop routines to perfect the art. Realizing the need to continuously change out cassettes, he quickly realized the need to blend music. Also with Freestyle music merging on the scene and rising on the airwaves, he quickly realized his passion. Collecting 12” Freestyle vinyl in the early years, he began to immerse himself behind the decks for countless hours to create mixtapes for his friends, all the while teaching himself the art of beat mixing, transitions, simple scratch, beat counting and editing.

In his teen years, he would deejay many house parties, school dances, and private events that would request Freestyle music; all the while only increasing his passion for Freestyle and the art of mixing. Later as a young adult he eventually started to play in area clubs, college parties and house parties and which led to being a deejay at an underground private radio station and area clubs which he and his brother hosted for years.

Eventually he decided to start creating his own remixes by using 12” vinyl dubs, accapellas, and samples. He felt the music was already good although wanted to have an edge over other deejays by creating a unique mix all his own. By re-working or remixing the existing tracks with bits and pieces of various records and going on to record it onto a CD. His mission was to have other deejays hear the track in the mix and ask, “Where in the hell did he get that mix?” All the while making exclusive remixes of his own to entertain the listener and hype the crowd.

Of course, life happened and he moved onto a career outside of being a deejay. Although he never lost his passion for music or mixing. Although he saw the sign of the times was upon him and eventually crossed over into Pioneer CDJ’s and ultimately connecting with Denon DNS control decks. Continuously dabbling with music remixes and re-works throughout time he realized it was not enough. Eventually he linked up with several deejays and began his journey into being a mix deejay for various events and private parties again. Recognizing that the fire was still within, he eventually crossed over into I-radio on accident. He has been involved with several i-radio stations and was a resident deejay for 3.5 years at an I-radio station based out of Houston, Texas. He previously hosted a mix show under the pseudonym Freestyle Mixx Mobb on that consisted of a DJ duo, on Saturday evenings with a co-host / co-deejay.  He has also deejayed on I-radio station in Philadelphia, PA, Tampa, Florida, Kissimmee, Florida and Austin, Texas. It was then he again found the avid listener’s that craved to hear the nostalgic sounds of some of the best years in music. He is focused on taking the listener’s back in time through music by revitalizing the sounds, along with the memories that tied to the era that inner-connects listeners. All this in an attempt to bring the listener close to home and heart again.

Today he is currently still involved with Freestyle music. He is a part of the digital music distribution team as the liaison for deejays coast to coast for The Santana Twins aka Kingz from Kweenz. He participates and is involved with the RTHS DJ Crew and is now a member of the team of deejays. He has digital podcast pages and links available with exclusive mixes created to his specialty. Spinning various genres that span from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s with a primary focus on Freestyle music. He expounds through music systematically and in detail. Recalling lasting memories that give us that nostalgic feeling through music.